Annamarie Fella : collage and illustration

Annamarie Fella was born in Detroit in 1968 to Maureen and Edward Fella, both artists. Maureen was active in the Detroit art community, winning prizes and displaying her art in many shows in the late '60's and 1970's. Ed Fella teaches at Cal Arts, and is internationally known in the field of graphic design for his radical typography and lettering. Producing her own art since childhood, Annamarie grew up under the influence of her artist parents, and is essentially self taught.

In 1991 Annamarie graduated from Oakland University (Rochester, MI) with a degree in communication arts and a minor in music, and in 2000 she received her Teaching Credential in mathematics from California State University. She teaches geometry at San Luis Obispo High School presently.

In 2002 Annamarie began working on paper collages made out of parts cut out from industrial hardware catalogs meant for people in the "industrial hardware" fields ; for those who need things like ambulance door latches or hinges for restaurant walk-in refrigerator doors. The collages are either portraits or simple dynamics of 2 or more people in some sort of situation. In 2005 she started making digital art and drawings made from circles.

After living in Los Angeles for 15 years, Annamarie and her husband, Nathan Hemenway - also an artist- moved to Los Osos, CA in 2007.

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