Annamarie Fella : collage and illustration



The figures in my collages are cut out of industrial hardware catalogs. When I first opened one catalog, each piece looked like abstract sculpture, things not seen everyday to most of us (as opposed to the endless clothes, electronics, cell phones, toys, or specialty items in catalogs that we do see everywhere). These parts are mysterious with interesting names such as "forged tank flanges", "hinge hasp", "turnbuckles", or "wing turn catches". This is the catalog where things like school bus door handles come from, it even contains the fire bell used on fire trucks.

At first, my intention was to collage with the pieces abstractly, making 2-dimensional sculpture on paper. Just for fun, I made an image of a person, and that turned into more portraits. I realized that each separate hardware part had a beauty, as do parts of humans - the curves of our own body appendages or the way our clothes suit us. The constructed figures also contain gestures and the flow of human movement.

Yet, the subtlety of the work leaves the personalities of the characters or the dynamic between the figures to the imagination of the viewer.

Circle Art

As a geometry teacher I believe the circle is perhaps the most powerful shape in our world. Aside from its pragmatic use as the wheel, the circle functions as a basic element in art. My circles form patterns that extend outward or remain within a boundary of a clearly seen outline.The circles are created on a computer, yet I am attracted to the delicate unevenness of hand painted folk art. Each part is done with a click of the mouse, as opposed to the dab of a paintbrush, and the final effect is similar - slight irregularities are not noticed due to the cohesive tendency of the pattern's unity. Recently, I began drawing my circle art by hand. These drawings are either mandala style patterns or an irregular pattern; and some represent flowers or trees.